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Silage service

Full service includes:

  • Cutting
  • Swathing
  • Grass silage chopping
  • Transport
  • Treading

You can also order:

  • Grain or grass chopping with a straight cut header
  • Chopping corn service

The services can also be ordered separately

Silage Equipment used:

  • Self-propelled forage harvester Krone BIG X 1100. Equipped with a swath pickup with a working width of 3.8 m, a straight cut header with a working width of 6.2 m, a corn header with a working width of 10.5 m
  • Self-propelled ride-on cutter Krone BIG M. A working width of 9.7 m, a cutting height of 7–10 cm. Possible to cut into swaths and equipped with a crushing machine.
  • Krone swath merger. A working width of 13.5 m, a swath width of 2.2 m
  • Tree-axle Krone silage transport trolley. A capacity of 56 m3
  • Treader. Weight 20 t, equipped with a silage fork with a width of 4.8 m.